“We were fortunate enough to have Beaudoin and Mrs. Lynn come to Cains school and teach his classmates some  techniques and other forms. The kids were so excited about it and they were about to break boards which was so much fun!  They also did other activities as while during that time. Cain has learn so much from this academy and we couldn’t be more thankful! ”
– Angelese

“We are proud to say how well our children Chanel and Devin Spellman are doing at Beaudoin Academy of Karate! They have learned and retained so much of what they have learned in the short time that that have been there and they love it! And love being here with Grand Master Beaudoin and his Staff here at The Academy! Proud Parents we are!!!”
– Mark Spellman

“Johiib love his karate training so much he like to kick and punch at class.”
– Joseph Raymond

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